Coleman Hooligan 3-Person Tent Review

The Coleman Hooligan 3 tent is an ideal choice for recreational campers and offers amazing weather protection.the Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent is designed for easy, simple setup. It sleeps three comfortably, thanks to a generous eight-by-seven-foot (W x D) layout and center height of four feet, ten inches.


What is good about the Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent

Easy setup – this tent has a two pole dome design and is designed for easy setup with continuous pole sleeves and an exclusive pin-and-ring design make Coleman Hooligan 3 Tentsetup a breeze, about 10 minutes.  The 8.5mm & 6.3mm fiberglass poles are color coded and shock corded which helps.

Tent size – it is designed to sleep three comfortably, thanks to its 8’ x 7’ layout and the center height of 4’10”. Like most 3 person tents it handles 2 adults plus gear or your dog well and can 3 people but could be a little tight.

Vestibule – this is mostly a mesh tent provides ventilation and is covered with a full rainfly which creates a small vestibule. This dry entry vestibule provide convenient access and adjustable airflow. The rainfly offers complete


Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent Features

  • Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent3 person tent
  • 2 pole dome structure
  • Simple to set up
  • 8’ x 7’ footprint, 59-Inch center height
  • 1 door, control airflow with adjustable ventilation
  • Window is accessible from tent’s interior
  • Entire mesh inner tent provides maximum ventilation
  • Convenient storage and carry bag

What customers say about the Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent

There were a lot of positive reviews for this tent. Numerous reviewers talked about how this tent protected them from the rain, perhaps its best feature. This tent really holds up to terrible weather when it is set up properly which is why you need it.

There were mixed reviews on the tent setup as everyone agrees it is easy but can take a little time with two people, and more with solo adjusting the fly.

One reviewer noted that “the tent itself is composed mostly of screen material with a door on one side and a small zip open vent on the other. If you want any kind of privacy at all, the rain fly needs to be on the tent at all times.”

Several reviewers pointed out that at 7x 8 feet there is plenty of room for two people with gear and/or a dog but that with three adults it can be a little crowded. Also reviewers noted the vestibule area is small although it is very convenient.

It is convenient for taking off muddy shoes. The entrance to the vestibule is very short and pretty tight to squeeze into. I also wish the inner tent didn’t only have a screen door. If the rain is blowing as you enter the vestibule, it can blow into the tent through the screen door.

The manufacturer recommended this tent for car camping and backpacking. Reviewers felt it is a little heavy for serious backpacking but okay for shorter hiking trips.

The Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent is a great little tent that really protects you from the rain when camping at a very affordable price.

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2 comments for “Coleman Hooligan 3-Person Tent Review

  1. SarahJB
    April 8, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Great tent for our 4 hooligans! This tent well constructed (fabric/stitching/mesh/flooring) and offers various method of ventilation to keep the inside comfortable. It is good size and could sleep four adults in mummy bags with all non-essential gear out.Without the rainfly it’s primarily mesh all around the four sides. One unique feature is the top side vent. It has its own small rod support to hold the vent open and a zipper that opens allowing access to three latches across the top to allow closure during rain. There is nothing inside the tent to hang a lantern from. There are two mesh pockets to hold misc. items located across from each other on the side walls.The rainfly can be a bit cumbersome. The tent itself use (6) stakes total. The rainfly uses (12) total. There are a lot of Velcro connection points to the rods as well, make sure and follow the directions and get all of them as these are essential for the stability of the tent. We haven’t been through any storms in it yet, but the…

  2. Sarah
    April 8, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    a review from the occasional camper. I go camping once/year. Once. To the same campground every year, so while I’m far from an avid camper, I have had to arrive to campsites and have used this tent for three separate camping trips.The Good:+ The quality of the tent is excellent+ Very few pieces, not a ton of separate pieces of equipment to be confused with+ Zippers are of excellent quality+ Water-resistant, we’ve had a few rainy nights and the interior of the tent has remained dry, no puddles at all+ The area between the mesh tent and the front exterior door/zipper is great, I use a tarp underneath all tents I’ve ever used, and this area allows some cover for shoes, or flashlights. I really like this feature.+ The mesh doesn’t allow any bugs: spiders, mosquitos to get through to you.The Bad:+ This tent is absolutely impossible to assemble by yourself. Impossible. Because there is only one bendy pole, putting in the ends into anchor points is challenging,…

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