Campgrounds Have Grown Up

CampgroundsWhen I was a kid a campground offered the site, washroom, beaches and perhaps a nature trail and I thought that was great.

Campgrounds have grown up with many offering everything from activity programs, games rooms, miniature golf, water rides to a shuttle service. Campers have changed as well with many looking for a weekend getaway from the city and fun activities for their kids.

There is a lot of competition so campgrounds have gotten into act by providing more and more services, although at a higher cost. Yes there are still some parks with just basic services but they tend to be a longer drive from the cities or run by the National Parks, State/Provincial or Local governments.

“It is very much more of a resort scenario,” Ms. Anderson says. “Camping is no longer just the event any more. It’s the camping and what else can we do with the camping.”

The proof that camping is more than just a struggle to pitch an unfamiliar tent in the dark or praying for a stop in the rain can be found at campgrounds such as Bissell’s Hideaway in the Niagara region of southern Ontario.

Besides campsites, the park offers a one-acre swimming pool, giant water slide, kiddies splash pool, daily activities and a host of sports and leisure facilities ranging from free paddleboats to mini-putt golf, playground, arcade and sports activities ranging from tennis and  beach volleyball and shuffleboard.

“We have found over the years that people want more and more, so we just keep adding activities or toys that enhances fun times for families,” says Ed Miklavcic, manager of the Ontario resort park.

Getting people out of tents and into more plush accommodations is also a key component of broadening the appeal of a campground. “Mr. Miklavcic says.

Ms. Anderson of Camping Ontario notes that generally campgrounds closest to major population centers in the province offer more family geared frills than more remote locations – an observation that rings true across the rest of the country with some exceptions. “With campground operators offering more and more amenities, virtually any special needs or requirements can be met, adds the Camping Ontario executive director. “We have one campground where you can actually take your horse to,” she says of one campground north of Toronto which boasts horse paddocks and riding trails. “…More at Camping with amenities – National Post

If you do not like the camping experience in a tent or don’t want to rent an RV, no problem, as many campgrounds including many state parks now offer rental cabins. You don’t need to buy or set up a tent or even worry about the weather.

People are also bringing an important family member along, their dog who wants to get in on the fun too. There are now dog packs and even dog tents. Arriving at a Wisconsin State Park late and heading to the washroom I was to see that one of my neighbors who was watching me was indeed a dog, with his own tent.

Can’t chose between going to an amusement park or camp weekend you can combine them as many amusement parks now offer camping areas. Campgrounds have grown up which gives you more choices for a fun experience in the summer months.

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