Picking the Right Size for Your First Tent

Every spring many people decide to go camping for the first time, usually in a nearby park. And of course you will need your first tent. The choice is a bit overwhelming so you need to consider a few things before making a purchase when it comes to picking the size.

Ask yourself about whether it will be for backpacking or car camping in which case it can be a little larger and heavier. How many people are in your party? Tents today range from solo models to some family tents that can hold up to a dozen campers.


When they say it’s a 4-person tent, they mean 4 people and nothing else, no hiking gear, no room for boots, just 4 people that hopefully know each other pretty well. Seriously, if you’re looking for backpacking tents or hiking tents and weight is a big concern, then get cozy and use the rating system, but otherwise I’d think bigger.

Consider going 1-2 sizes bigger than what you need for a smaller camping tent. Better yet divide the “person rating” by 2 so you’ll have a decent amount of room if you have to stay inside due to nasty weather. If you thought cabin fever was bad wait until you’re stuck in a downpour with 5 other people in a small tent for a few days….More at Camping Tents… Dome, Family, Backpacking Camping Tent Guide.

Along with the size consider the style as some models come with several rooms, handy for families. If using cots or large mattresses make sure the size can accommodate them. Other tens feature a large covered entrance or mesh dining area.

Whatever type with choose it must be easy to set up, weather proof and have a lot of ventilation. If backpacking then you need a tent that packs compact and weighs between 2 and 6 pounds.

With all these options in mind you can now go picking the right size for your first tent while having a wonderful time in the great outdoors.

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