The Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada TrailWith a variety of terrain and at a length of 21,500 kilometers, the Trans Canada Trail is the world’s longest recreational trail. This long distance hiking trail visits all ten Canadian provinces, all three territories and connects the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

This long distance hiking trail is made up of more than 500 local and regional hiking trails which will be joined to form one trail.

Today, the Trans Canada Trail is 70 percent complete. When the trail is finished you will be able to hike all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. If you do not find that a big enough adventure there is also a section of the trail that heads up to the Arctic Ocean as well along sections of the Mackenzie River and Overland Trails.

The Trans Canada is a recreational trail so you may find people cycling, skiing, horseback riding, canoeing or snowmobiling along some sections. What you can do along almost the entire length of the trail though is hike.

Hiking the Trans Canada Trail is a great way to experience all of the country. In Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island your long distance hiking will take you along rail trails down the center of each island. The Fundy Trail in New Brunswick and Blueberry Run Trail are also part of the network. In Quebec La Route Verte (Green Route) is a combined cycling and hiking trail across the entire province.

Trans Canada TrailIn Ontario the Trans Canada Trail crosses the heart of southern Ontario including the Niagara Escarpment with a branches into the Toronto area and the southwestern corner of the province. However on foot, horseback or by canoe you can continue into forests of northern Ontario. As it takes more than a day to drive this distance you can imagine how long it takes while hiking.

Heading west into Alberta you hike along the Iron Horse Trail. In central British Colombia along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail with its many bridges rebuilt after a forest fire destroyed it a few years ago.

There is also a branch of the Trans Canada Trail that heads north towards the Arctic Ocean.

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Although the Trans Canada Trail is not yet totally completed you might want to get started now hiking on this, the longest long distance trail in the world.

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