Tips for Buying Hiking Boots

Buying hiking boots, your most crucial piece of gear on the trail. Choosing a great pair of hiking boots can make a difference in your comfort and safety too.

Tips for buying hiking boots:

Start with your socks, which should wick away moisture to keep your feet dry. You will prefer to have a double sock or two pairs of socks to eliminate rubbing and preclude blisters. You should use these socks when deciding your hiking boots for the best fit.

Measure your feet later on in the day as they expand throughout the day and may expand during your hike as well.  And remember to keep your socks on.  Experts recommend you measure both feet and fit to the larger foot as it is common that both feet are not exactly the same size.

What type of hiking will you be taking? Realize when buying hiking boots there are different types for different situations. Hiking shoes can be used on level or mildly rolling trails while day hiking as they offer protection to the soles of your feet, but little protection for your ankles. For rough and rough terrain you need hiking boots with ankle support.

There are low, medium, high cut hiking boots. The tougher the terrain the higher cut boot is required. A high cut boot provides greater ankle support, important when walking over rocks and branches.

The hiking boot demands padding on the insole to reduce the possibility of blisters and a good tread for walking on rocky and slippery ground

Tips for Buying Hiking BootsGore-Tex provides great waterproofing, with the ability to breath to allow quick drying when finished hiking. You will need to waterproof the boot exterior with appropriate products.

Leather hiking boots last longer and are most weather resistant, however boots made of lightweight man-made materials at a lower cost.

Buying hiking boots well in advance of your hike and break them in on short local day trips for you feel comfortable using them.

Buying hiking boots the right way is an important part of planning your journey, so take the time to chose the right footwear.


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