Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole with Compass & Thermometer

The Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking pole is lightweight, sturdy and comes with a compass and thermometer for a safer and easier hiking experience. HP5 is a perfect companion for your weekend hiking trips.


What is good about these Hammers HP5 hiking poles

Comfortable handle – it is made of cork which is easy to grip even in hot weather. You can use the hiking poles comfortably with the nylon strap and there is also a small EVA grip for use when the stick is folded.

It telescopes – this is convenient if you have an attachment on your backpack when not in use or when traveling to the trailhead. These trekking poles telescopic into 3 strong aluminum alloy sections that can be adjusted to your desired height between 29 and 60 inches. Functional graphic on the stick includes a US/Metric.

Anti-shock – this spring loaded mechanism inside can be turned on and off with a twist between the two sections helping your knees when hiking.

Carbide tip – you are going to be walking over rugged terrain and will appreciate the carbide tip at the bottom of this walking stick. There is a rubber end cap to protect the tip when not in use or walking on pavement or rocky surfaces.

Snow disc – I also use my hiking poles when snowshoeing in the winter so the snow disc is helpful. It also works well on loose top soil or a muddy road.

Compass & thermometer – there is also very basic liquid filled mini compass and a thermometer. Both could be worn on your watch band if you prefer.

Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole Features

  • Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking PolesLight weight with ergonomic design
  • 3 section telescopic pole can be extended from 29 to 60 inches
  • With compass and thermometer
  • Wear proof carbide tip
  • Snow disk included
  • Cork handle

What customers say about the Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole

There were lots of great reviews for these hiking poles. Numerous reviewers commented on how sturdy and durable these poles are.

Also many reviewers talked about there experiences using them in the jungles of Thailand, Machu Picchu, mountains of western U.S.A. or the Appalachian Trail and remarked how well they held up. Several went on to especially praise them when walking up steep rock faces or over wet rocks.

Regarding telescoping several reviewers mentioned there is a learning curve the first time to get the hand of it but they were fine after that. One hiker wished they would telescope to a smaller size for travel purposes.

Several of the reviewers were tall (6′ 3″) or heavyset and still they found these hiking poles to be comfortable to carry and provided the support they required.

Reviewers found the anti-shock device definitely helps. The cork handle and light weight combine to make it a part of your hand that you don’t ever have to think about,

Mixed reviews on the thermometer and compass with some hikers finding them fine and others saying they are toylike but better than nothing in an emergency.

The lightweight and sturdy Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole are a great value providing the support you require while hiking.

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3 comments for “Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole with Compass & Thermometer

  1. Mr. Bill
    April 23, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    a very useful tool when hiking I have had a Hammers HP5 hiking Pole for many years. It has been very dependable, a very useful tool when hiking, I won’t hike without it. Recently, my father has been joining me on my hikes, but he always insisted on carrying around a large, cumbersome stick which he would use as a hiking pole. I could tell it was burdensome, so I bought him the same hiking pole as my own, and he loves it as much as I do.The anti-shock feature helps to reduce impact strain on your joints, it seems. It’s lightweight yet sturdy design is excellent for hiking. The hand grip comfortable, and the wrist strap is handy.The compass and thermometer are completely unreliable, but I just cannot drop a star/point as I did not buy this hiking pole for those features. I just thought I’d mention this in case those features are important to anyone else.

  2. SCWillson
    April 23, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Good value I bought this to provide a substitute for a traditional cane to support my bad back after disc replacement – canes are much too short to help when going downhill or down stairs and I wanted something I could keep in the car or throw in a suitcase.Pros: Sturdy, tall enough even for me (6′ 3″), comfortable to carry; wrist strap wide enough to be comfortable and provide support; anti-shock device definitely helps on concrete. Thermometer and compass are toylike but better than nothing in an emergency.Cons: Lock mechanism difficult to work (I’d hate to try it with wet or gloved hands or if I had arthritis); non-replaceable tips will limit useful life of pole. Poorly packaged and arrived with minor cosmetic damage.Summary: Well worth what I paid for it ($26), but my next hiking pole will probably be a Black Diamond or Leki because they feature better locking mechanisms.After Action Evaluation: I used it in the central New Mexico mountains to…

  3. R.E. Burke
    April 23, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    An excellent assistive device for the visually impaired. I’m legally blind in one eye. The other isn’t much better. Most people can’t tell by watching me because I have lots of ways of compensating, but it’s gotten to the point that I have difficulty seeing the walk signals. In twilight and darkness, I am effectively blind. Specialists have taken to recommending white canes and guide dogs, all of which I have refused.But something was still needed, both to help me and to warn others without going to the full alert that a white cane causes. I really didn’t want old ladies offering to help me cross streets, and things were starting to approach that. So I bought a couple of these a year ago. They aren’t for hiking although I’ve been known to walk across bumpy grassy knolls. Mostly I stick to city sidewalks.These poles have a wonderful tactile feel with their cork grip, and the loop helps to ensure that the pole stays on my hand. At first, adjusting the telescoping sections was a little tricky, but I quickly learned to…

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