Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat Review

Tillery LTM6 Airflo HatTilley’s best-selling broad brim AIRFLO hat sets the standard by which all other outdoor hats are measured.

The broad brim Tilley LTM6 hat looks great while resisting water, blocking UV rays and providing excellent ventilation. This hat sets the standard by which all other outdoor hats are measured. Constructed of lightweight, breathable Supplex nylon with a cooling 3/4″ AIRFLO mesh band in the crown, this topper provides excellent sun protection, ventilation and moisture management – and may very well be the last hat you ever buy!

Tilley Airflo Hat

What is good about the Tilley LTM6 Hat

Stylish – Designed with a medium brim that snaps up Aussie style, one reviewer claiming it makes him look like someone from GQ.

Ventilation – this Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat offers superb ventilation and features a 3/4-inch polyester mesh in the crown for coolness and comfort during hot days and strenuous hiking or other outdoor activities. Some people have reported issues with condensation although personally I have not encountered that problem.

Resists water – as it is made from 100 percent supplex Tilley Nylamtium, a form of lightweight nylon that’s both lightweight and resistant to water and mildew. It is a good thing it floats as I tipped while canoeing in the nearby Grand River one time.

Blocks UV rays – the fabric has also been certified to block 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given. Also features a dark underbrim for glare protection.

Lightweight Fabric – constructed of lightweight, breathable Supplex nylon with a cooling mesh band in the crown, this topper provides excellent sun protection, ventilation and moisture management.

Hand sewn – each Tilley LTM6 hat is hand-sewn using very strong thread and all seams are lock-stitched so they won’t unravel. The brass is from Britain and is the best there is. Guaranteed for life not to wear out.

Hidden pocket – there is a handy secret pocket in the crown to safely and securely store items such as a driver’s license, room key, or a $20 bill. I use the tie on windy days when walking along hilltop ridges to prevent it from blowing off.

Tilley LTM6 Hat Features

  • Tilley HatMedium brim with 3/4-inch polyester mesh in the crown plus dark underbrim for glare protection
  • Constructed from water and mildew resistant from 100 percent supplex nylon Tilley Nylamtium
  • Excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+
  • Maximum UPF 50+ sun protection rating
  • Secret pocket in the crown for storing license, $20 bill, or room key
  • Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle
  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
  • Dark underbrim for glare protection
  • Repels rain, floats
  • Ties on in the wind
  • Machine washable, won’t shrink
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors

What customers say about the Tilley LTM6 Hat

Airflo HatI myself, do not remember how long I have been using the Tilley LTM6 hat but I know I have not been kind to it. Walking in rain storms, hot sweaty weather, folding it and pushing it into my pack in a ball and yet it has survived as good as the day I purchased it. I am especially familiar with Tilley products as their head office is located here in Toronto, near where I live.

Other customers had many positive reviews as well. For example this reviewer stated I am not a hat person, but age and sanity have forced me to wear something. I had previously never liked any hat as the fit was rarely comfortable or the hat was in the way of my bird photography. So I tried a Tilley LTM6. Again, WOW! The fit is perfect, the comfort is remarkable, it will never wear out (and it will be replaced by Tilley if it does).

Another reviewer said they bought my LTM6 two years ago and it’s perfect under most conditions. I like the protection it gives, the light weight, the option of using none, one, or both of the fore and aft wind cords; the overall comfort of the hat and the cords, and the easy care.

This reviewer was a bit put off at first by the price. The frugal side of me was screaming, “WHAT!? $80 for a hat??”. But I quickly assuaged my doubts and made the purchase. After all, if the hat really was as amazing as they claimed then it would be something I would own for years down the road and be well worth the investment. That hat performed impeccably well! It kept my head cool, yet protected. It held up to some rough abuse trekking through sand dunes and amazingly beautiful national parks. I even accidentally dropped it in a stream. It dried quickly and held its shape.

A reviewer remarked this is my favorite summer hat. Wide brim keeps me from burning (I don’t like sun screen as it plugs my skin up and I get hotter). I can feel the breeze as I walk (around the top of the head, NOT the ears like you are thinking!) I consider it the top survival tool and comfort control. If it gets wet, it does not soak through and it dries fast. The light color is perfect to keep the heat down and when you do sweat, the sweat band does a great job. Super hat.

The Tilley LTM6 Hat is a wonderful hiking accessory providing sun protection and resisting rain while providing super ventilation.

2 comments for “Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat Review

  1. Jason E
    April 24, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Great hat! This hat is great! I never wear hats, but being outside in the FL sun I need some protection. Have gone sailing with it, worked in the yard, gone hiking in the mountains of Kauai, it’s been everywhere with me. Tighten it down and it stays put, even through some very windy days! I have gotten multiple compliments on the khaki / green combo.I am a big guy and the 8+ fit me fine. It breathes well, has taken a beating, covered in saltwater, sweat, dirt, etc. It keeps on performing. Thank you Tilley hat, for showing me that hats are awesome!(Doofy picture included in customer pics!)

  2. Philip W. Hall
    April 24, 2018 at 9:00 am

    I bought this for it’s larger brim and better air flow I bought my first Tilley 21 years ago and still have it. I bought this for it’s larger brim and better air flow. Love it. If you are serious about buying a quality head covering Tilley is the one to choose.

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