Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Crew Length Sock Review

Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Hiker Crew Length Sock is made from soft Merino wool with a fully cushioned sole; elasticized arch panel and ultra- smooth line toe closure. They offer a foot hugging fit which is cushiony all over.

With the Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Comfort Sock the wool is combined with silk and Coolmax. These makes for dry comfortable feet, important while out walking.

Benefits of Wool Socks

They regulate temperatures – by removing sweat it lowers your temperature, great in the warmer weather. In winter while the fabric continues to wick away moisture from the body transferring it to the Merino wool fibers which absorb moisture creating a insulating effect to help you stay warm.

Odorless – the surface of the wool fiber naturally provides a poor surface for bacterial growth. The bacteria from the moisture can develop and lead to a smelly garment but with the superior wicking ability of wool mildew and therefore odor does not occur.

Durability – the very construction of the wool fiber means that it can bend and stretch easily and therefore last significantly longer than garments made of synthetic fabrics. For most garments just machine wash and hand dry.

Comfort – no longer itchy as they once were years ago, they provide a comfortable fit for your hiking.

Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Comfort Sock features:

  • Wigwam-Merino-Wool-Comfort-Socks67% Merino Wool, 21% Stretch Nylon, 7% Elastic, 5% Acrylic
  • Stay put leg and top with foot hugging fit
  • Virtually seamless toe closure
  • Elasticized arch panel
  • Ultra-smooth Lin-Toe closure
  • Fully cushioned
  • Wash warm, no bleach, tumble dry low
  • Crew length
  • Made in USA
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Many colors to choose from

Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Comfort Sock Reviews


There were many reviews for these hiking socks, recommended by the manufacturer for those pursuing outdoor activities.

One reviewer felt that many people stay away from wool because it can be rough and bulky. Merino wool is entirely different. This type of wool is very soft to the touch. These socks are warmer than cotton without adding extra bulk. Another advantage is that they last much longer than cotton socks. . Cotton is hard to dry, requires high temperatures for drying, stays clammy from moisture/sweat, and cotton makes my feet sweat (which is a problem).

Many of the reviewers remarked that this Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Sock is breathable.  It is warm in winter, cool and dry in summer, wicks moisture, maintains its insulation value if it should get wet

One reviewer stated they purchased these socks for a hunting trip. They walked through field, stream, and snow with these and their toes never got cold. I would highly recommend these socks he stated.

Another reviewer stated this sock is warm, comfortable, well-padded, and well-made. It feels smooth on your skin, unlike the usual wool. I love it!

Reviewers also remarked these socks are soft and keep my feet toasty warm. Not the old time scratchy, itchy wool socks. Delivery was timely as usual.

Click here to check out all of our hiking clothing. These socks are long lasting and therefore very cost effective compared with cotton socks. For a more comfortable experience try the Wigwam Unisex Merino Wool Hiker Crew Length Sock.


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2 comments for “Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Crew Length Sock Review

  1. Justin the Chef
    April 24, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Very nice socks! Male/Female size chart Medium thickness, really good warmth, and durable. I found the chart confusing, so I’ve attached the chart from the website, which includes recommended sizes for men and women, including UK and European sizes.

  2. Steven Wilgus
    April 24, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Worth it? You bet! These are not cheap. You get what you pay for, made in America, top drawer quality. I’ve worn these types of wool socks since 1996: I also wore them for the two years I was in Iraq, all year long. I ONLY wear these merino socks unless circumstances say otherwise. As I am an ICU RN, I’m on my feet most of the shift (12 1/2 hrs minimum), and these are very comfortable socks. And of course I recommend them. You could easily do much worse with other products. As to durability, I’ll update in a few months as I just got this brand. But I’m very confident they’ll measure up.

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