Ledge Sports FeatherLite +20 F Degree Sleeping Bag

Featherlite Ultra Light Sleeping BagThe Featherlite +20 Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and compresses into a small size for backpacking. Built for size and weight restrictions on extended journeys.

Featherlite Sleeping Bag

What is good about this sleeping bag

Pack weight and size – only 3.4 pounds and the uncompressed carry size is 16’ x 6’ (diameter) with a 30% size reduction when using the compression sack for this sleeping bag.

Keeps you warm – will keep you nice and toasty while camping in the outdoors. Some backpackers use this sleeping bag with hammock tents as well. There is a an adjustable hood with a drawstring.

Water resistant – as you are aware you sometimes get a little rain in your tent or some condensation so this sleeping bag will keep you warm and dry.

Pocket – handy external pocket.

Featherlite 20 Degree Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag Features

  • Featherlite +20 Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Sleeping BagSize is 84 x 32 x 20 inches
  • Shell GTX Micro with Dobby Diamond Ripstop 250T Lining
  • Softech II 210T Fiber Fill Hiebernate
  • Extreme Fill Weight 1.50 pounds
  • Pack Weight 3.4 pounds
  • Architecture LT Single Wall Element
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Barrel Locks
  • Thermo Shield
  • Contour Adjustable Hood
  • Full Length Zipper with anti snag architecture
  • External Pocket
  • Verstile Webbing Eyelets
  • Anti-Crawl Zipper Stops
  • Equal Depth Foot Box
  • Water Resistant
  • Cordura Compression Sack will reduce size up to 30%

What customers say about the Featherlite 20 Degree Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag

There were lots of positive reviews for this backpacking sleeping bag. Numerous reviewers commented on the compression stuff sack liking the small size, perfect for backpacking. It fits nicely into the sleeping bag compartment in my backpack, and is nice and warm said one hiker.

Also many reviewers found this sleeping bag to be comfortable, warm and actually pretty spacious for a mummy bag.

Several reviewers felt that instead of a +20 temp rating it should be valued around +30 but there are always different opinions on this issue and most backpackers did think it was warm enough. This is how one reviewer described his backpacking experience, “we were over 11,000 feet and it got down in the 30s at night but with a sleeping pad and bag liner I was plenty warm I even got hot and my tent was set up in a snow drift.”

A few reviewers remarked that they loved the small pocket that was included with one person saying it helped him to save some documents.

A number of reviewers said they slept in it while in a hammock and that it kept them toasty warm and I slept fantastic.

Regarding size one person said they had plenty roomy for me 6’1 tall and weigh 180 and another who is 6.2 and 220 pounds found he fit but it was a tight fit and was actually a bit hot.

Finally one reviewer mentioned, “I have had this bag for over 5 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. I truly tell every person who is just started to backpack or even camp to get this bag.”

Listed below are 3 of the sleeping bags available from Ledge:

Click here to see all our lightweight camping gear. The Featherlite +20 Ultra Light, Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag is small, light, warm,  comfy and available at a very affordable price.

2 comments for “Ledge Sports FeatherLite +20 F Degree Sleeping Bag

  1. J-Long
    April 8, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK!! I am an avid outdoorsmen, degreed forester, and an Eagle Scout. I have a few different ruck sacks that are all independent of each other. One of them has this sleeping bag combined with a recluse tent that is also made my Ledge Sports. This bag is perfect for beginners or people who are looking for a quality product on a budget. I am 6’3” 185 lbs tall and I can fit in this bag. It is kind of tight in some places but not bad. I may not have tons of free space to sleep with a pillow between my legs but it is backpacking we are talking about. Bigger guys just need a bigger bag. Ledge sports sells one that fits two people that is perfect for big guys. The last trip I took this bag on was in the Pecos wilderness and I got down to the high 20s at night and it was raining/sleeting. The bag did just fine with no liner. In another ruck sack I have a much more expensive bag from REI and at the end of the day they basically do the same thing (at that temp). If you want to buy the best of the…

  2. HonestReviews
    April 8, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    PACKABLE SIZE WITH SUFFICIENT WARMTH, this is the bag you’ve been searching for. This is BY FAR the best backpacking sleeping bag you can get on a budget. I didn’t want to shell out tons of money for a sleeping bag (who does?) when it’s just a hobby not a career. When I was in the hunt for a hiking bag it was really difficult to get one that was warm enough and small enough to fit the in the pack. This bag packs down into a very reasonable and packable size for overnight trips and you don’t need to look any further. My brother uses his comfortably at 6’1” but any bigger than this you might start to get a little cramped. We have used the bags in the cold of Winter in Zion National Park and have not had any problems even with the temperatures dipping into the low 20’s, but it’s still breathable in the 60’s as well. I cannot stress to you enough that this is the bag that you are looking for.

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