Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker/Biker Tent Review


The Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent is perfect as it is both lightweight and compact. The triangular front pole design keeps poles away from the door, while numerous vents ensure air is circulating constantly.

What is good about the Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent

Lightweight and compact – it weighs a mere 3.4 pounds, with a fiberglass frame that compresses easily and fits in a zippered compression stuff sack. Many users report that the actual carry weight is closer to 2.6 pounds rather than the advertised weight.

Ease of setup – one person can have this tent up in about five minutes.

Good weather Protection –  the tent also boasts Wenzel’s Weather Armor Protection system, which adds a water-resistant coating and welded sonic-sealed floors to the polyester and polyurethane construction to keep moist weather from penetrating the interior.


Cons about the Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent

  • Some users have found a waterproofing spray prior to using it the first time and you are good to go to ensure you are kept dry

This model of tent has been replaced with the Wenzel Lone Elk Tent.

The Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent is intended for

  • Backpacking
  • Bicycle touring

This tent is available found Amazon at a discount. Click this link to take advantage of this discounted price.


Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent Features and Specifications

  • Wenzel Starlight Tent is perfect for hiking and biking
  • Fits into a zippered compression stuff sack for easy portability.
  • Sleeps: 1
  • Area: 22 square feet of sleeping space
  • Base: 48 inches (front) and 37 inches (rear); 82 inches long
  • Center height: 36 inches (front) and 24 inches (rear)
  • Screen D-style door and rear vent for all-night ventilation
  • Nylon taffeta floor, water-resistant coating and welded sonic-sealed floors
  • Fiberglass frame compresses easily and fits in stuff sack
  • Carrying weight of 3.4 pounds


What customers are saying about the Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent

One person stated if you’re in ideal conditions, this tent is WONDERFULLY light, simple, portable and easy to use.

Lots of reviewers talked about the weight including this peron who said the beauty of this tent is that it is very lightweight and packs very tightly into its soft case. This allows it to be carried in even a regular backpack without taking up too much space. After a couple trial runs, the tent can be put up or taken down in a matter of 5 minutes or less, even in low light.

Many reviewers said this is probably the lightest, most economical tent for backpacking you’ll ever find. It is a low tent, 36 inches high at the front so you may find it a little tight to maneuver around in but you can’t beat it for price, packed size and weight while also providing you full bug protection for your night time slumbering.

There were several comments regarding weather protection with this reviewer stating my friend and i set up this tent in the very top of a mountain… that night there was a thunderstorm and it got really windy…it downpoured all night, we had small branches falling on the tent and the winds would just hit the crap out of the tent walls.. this tent (surprisingly) held up like champ!

See more backpacking tents by clicking this link. The Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker and Biker Tent is value priced and both lightweight and compact for people looking for very basic features.


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1 comment for “Wenzel Starlight 1 Person Hiker/Biker Tent Review

  1. Amy C
    April 7, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Great for the Price I have used this tent on several hikes in winter on the Florida trail. For the price it is a great tent. It is light, it packs down small, it comes with a carrying case that has room for other stuff.It is a standard A-frame type tent. This means it takes a little more time to put up. It is also a ONE person tent. There is not much extra room inside. I carry a small tarp (not included) inside the carrying case which I set up outside the tent to protect my bigger gear.I have slept in two rain showers and stayed nice and dry inside this tent.Condensation is a problem, but even people with more expensive tents complained of condensation also.The ceiling is a little low for an adult. I cannot sit up inside this tent.I consider myself a minimalist hiker on a budget. This tent fulfills my needs.And even though this sounds like a mixed review, keep in mind, THE TENT COSTS 40 BUCKS!!! I love it.

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